SolidTRON® Products

Silicon Power Corporation, SolidTRON® Division designs, develops, manufactures and test two distinct SolidTRON® devices at our Malvern, PA location.

  • Voltage Controlled (VCS)
  • Current Controlled (CCS)

Power Semiconductor Components
Applications include:
• Fuzes EFI / ESA
• C.D. Ignition Systems
• Crowbar Systems
• Flash Lamps
• Sparkgap/Ignitron replacement

Pricing upon request.

Understanding SolidTRON® Discrete Part Numbers | Learn more…

Semiconductor Type

  • CCS = Current Controlled SolidTRON®
  • SMCT = MOS Voltage Controlled Device
  • VCS = Voltage Controlled Device
  • DIOD = Diode

Package Format

  • AC = Bare Die
  • TA = ThinPak®
  • AA = TO-247
  • FF = F-Pak
  • AB = SOT-227
  • SC = Single Chip Module

Chip Size Voltage

  • 05N14 Size 2 1400V
  • 32N14 Size 4 1400V
  • 65N14 Size 6 1400V
  • 53N14 Size 9 3000V
  • 43N14 Size 9 4000V
  • 14N40 Size 12 4000V

Test Key

A10 = Standard
A * = Custom Testing

1. SMCT devices available in size 2, size 4, and size 6.
2. CCS devices available in size 4, size 9, and size 12.
3. Devices may be available in different voltages upon request.
4. Package format listed are not available for all chip sizes and voltages.
5. Custom testing available.

Voltage Controlled SolidTron® (VCS)

Part # Package Type Datasheet
VCS FF 05N14 A10 Replaced by VCS FF 05N14 A11 Data Sheet
VCS FF 05N14 A11 Size 2 F-Pak Data Sheet
SMCT TA 32N14 A10 Size 4 ThinPak® Data Sheet
SMCT AA 32N14 A10 Size 4 TO-247 Data Sheet

Current Controlled SolidTRON® (CCS)

Part # Package Type Datasheet
CCS AA 32N15 A10 Size 4 1400V CP Data Sheet
CCS TA 43N40 A10 Size 9 4000V ThinPak® Data Sheet
CCS TA 53N30 A10 Size 9 3000V ThinPak® Data Sheet
CCS CP 32N15 Size 4 1500V CP Data Sheet

SolidTRON® Application Notes
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