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Systems Division

Silicon Power Corporation’s Systems Division designs, manufacturers and tests a comprehensive line of high-power, solid-state, modular distribution switchgear. All are fully compliant with all voltage classes; urban, suburban, industrial, and utility/grid scale applications.

Silicon Power Corporation SSTS; a solid-state sub-cycle static transfer switch compliant with UPS systems in existing installations to ensure high 9’s power quality for mission critical applications.

15kV, 600A Outdoor Installation

15kV, 600A Outdoor Installation

For existing facilities, the STS has been shown to immediately remediate plant and data center lost downtime, operational interruptions, lost productivity and product damage.

ROI’s have been clearly demonstrated in typically less than 2 years.

For new projects, the STS will provide the user a lower life-cycle cost alternative to UPS systems, without the growing and substantially complex environmental, costly periodic maintenance concerns, and comparatively short service life associated with this technology.

The response of an STS is factors faster than a back-up diesel generator and will provide a seamless power transfer. The transfer appears to the user as a closed transition and to the utility as an open transition.

This satisfies both parties, and is clearly superior to a mechanical or ATS transfer switch. The disadvantage of a sub-cycle static transfer switch is that the acquisition cost is higher than a mechanical or ATS switch, but in comparison, no maintenance is required making the 30 year service life substantially lower.

From an engineering standpoint, utility switching events are minimized as the load is transferred to the alternate source without the heavy in-rush associated with open transition mechanical switches.

The utility need only determine that the capacity is available or made available on the alternate source, and may negotiate a premium power plan with the customer to make this reserve capacity available.

  • Rapid load transfer capabilities: < 100 micro-seconds
  • Reduce maintenance of mechanical switchgear
  • Reduce switching surges
  • Soft-start capabilities
  • Minimize environmental impact (no SF6)
  • Mitigating the effects of new generation capacity within distribution system
  • Seamless interface with distributed generation
  • Silicon Power’s Ultra-Fast Static Transfer Switch is a solid-state SGTO-based transfer switch (SSTS) for 15kV classTransfers Independent Of Phase Angle

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