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Dr. Harshad Mehta recognized as winner the of IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award

Silicon Power Corporation’s founder, president and CEO, Dr. Harshad Mehta, has recently been selected to receive the prestigious

Dr. Harshad Mehta

Dr. Harshad Mehta

IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award. According to IEEE PES President Miroslav Begovic, the

…award recognizes an individual who has made a major contribution to the state-of-the-art in Custom Power technologies and their applications.

With roots dating back to the late nineteenth century, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (pronounced “eye-triple-E”) remains dedicated to the advancing of excellence for the benefit of humanity and is the world’s largest technical professional society.
Dr. Mehta will be presented with the award in July at the IEEE PES General Meeting in National Harbor, MD.

Dr. Harshad Mehta founded Silicon Power Corporation in April 1994. He serves as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to SPC, Dr. Mehta managed projects in advanced power electronics, robotics and sensor technologies for the Electrical Power Research Institute. Dr. Mehta received a B.S. in Physics, Chemistry and Math and a M.S. in Physics from Vikram University, India, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.

ARPA-E Awards $130 Million to 66 Transformative Energy Technology Projects Silicon Power Corporation Awarded $4,750,000

ARPA-E Awards $130 Million to 66 Transformative Energy Technology Projects
Silicon Power Corporation Awarded $4,750,000.

ARPA-E has funded 66 new projects aimed at advancing all types of transformative energy technologies. These projects were funded through OPEN 2012, ARPA-E’s second open call for projects aimed at advancing high-potential research into a variety of energy technologies. The 66 OPEN 2012 projects represent 24 states and cut across 11 different technology areas, including advanced fuels, advanced vehicle design, building efficiency, carbon capture, energy storage, grid modernization, and renewable power.
Optically-Switched, Single-Bias, High-Frequency Thyristor

Silicon Power Corporation will develop a semiconducting device that switches high power and high voltage electricity using optical signals. This device will use light to trigger control circuits or mechanisms more rapidly, greatly simplifying the control of high-voltage equipment. Unlike current switching mechanisms that predominately use silicon, this device employs silicon carbide.