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Corporate Overview

Silicon Power Corporation, founded in 1994, headquartered in Malvern, PA is a globally recognized technology developer and solutions provider in the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of high-power semiconductor devices, high-power pulsed-power modules and, high-power utility-applicable systems.

Silicon Power Corporate Headquarters, Malvern, PA

Under the leadership of Dr. Harshad Mehta, the Company’s president and founder, Silicon Power Corporation, a former division of General Electric Inc., has developed and perfected the SolidTRON® SGTO® Solid-State device; a ‘Keystone Building Block’ to support continuous development of high-performance, solid-state components, modules and systems to meet commercial, industrial, defense and national power applications.

Silicon Power’s corporate technical competence is in the design, development and manufacture of state of the art semi-conductors, switchgears and modern thyristors. These products have found wide acceptance in commercial, industrial, green-energy and defense sectors. Silicon Power offers our customers a range of products ranging from custom-designed or standard silicon wafers to integrated power modules to total turnkey switchgear systems.

The core of quality begins with our employees. Every employee is committed to deliver the highest Quality for our customers in everything we do. This commitment is backed by the full support of the Silicon Power Corporation Leadership Team.
Guiding Principles
Silicon Power Corporation has implemented a systematic, process-based approach to operating our business. Core values to this approach encompass:
• Clear accountability and decision making at the lowest level possible
• Intense focus on customer requirements to guide our activities
• Continuous improvement across all areas and processes
• Examples of how we operate include:
• Proactive risk identification and mitigation activities

Silicon Power Corporations’ 20 plus year collaborative experiences in each of our markets enable us to understand client requirements and provide cost-effective technology-based solutions.

Silicon Power understands that to be able to operate successfully our clients not only seek the most advanced technologies but also need products to be production-compliant to permit seamless end-use integration.

Silicon Power understand the value of client-supplier collaboration thus Silicon Power is globally recognized to comply with ever-changing commercial market demands, producing improved performance products, economically.

Silicon Power believes effective leadership is vital to enabling us to meet our customers’ requirements. To that end, we have assembled a strong, experienced Leadership Team to guide the company. Our goal is to lead by example, treating our employees, suppliers, partners and customers with respect.

For over twenty years clients’ have depended on Silicon Power for the design and development of component and system technologies to meet a broad range of applications derived from long-term commercial and government contracts.

Client History
Throughout our history, Silicon Power Corporation has emphasized long-term relationships with its customers. This dedication to our customers has enabled us to experience an exceptional record of stability and sustained growth. This strength permits Silicon Power Corporation to invest in the resources and capabilities necessary to ensure our ability to address our customers’ ever advancing requirements.

Silicon Power is a small US business totally dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of power components, modules, products and sub-systems. Our success has been based upon our technical competence and our corporate flexibility. We have had a track record of successful partnerships with university, industrial and governmental entities to deliver state of the art solutions for power applications.


Silicon Power Corporation

Corporate Headquarters

280 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355-1308

610.407.3688 Fax

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