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Frequestly Asked Questions

What is a SolidTRON®?
A SolidTRON® is a miniature 3 junction solid-state switch featuring an ultra-fast turn-on with high di/dt and peak current capabilities.

Combine these benefits with low conduction losses and SolidTRON®s become ideally suited for fast pulse discharge applications. SolidTRON®s has two distinct varieties – Voltage Controlled (VCS) and Current Controlled (CCS), each with its own unique advantages.

What are some of the Applications for a SolidTRON®?
SolidTRON®s are ideal for pulse discharge applications requiring HI-RELiability; weapon fuze systems, motor ignition, crowbar systems, crowbar systems, flash lamps, medical diagnostics, and industrial welding.

SolidTRON®s successfully mitigates cost issues of operation and maintenance found with bulky gas or vacuum switches.

What is the difference between a current controlled (CCS) and a Voltage Controlled (VCS) SolidTRON®?
The difference is in the gate structure of the device.

VCS devices have a MOS or insulated gate providing an ultra-fast turn-on (50ns turn-on delay). Depending on application, it may require the gate to have negative bias to keep the device in OFF state.

The CCS devices have a traditional junction gate, like that on an SCR. This makes the gates extremely rugged and requires a gate-cathode shorting resistor to remain in OFF- state.

CCS devices are comparatively slower (120ns turn-on delay) but have higher anode-cathode break down voltage.

What is a ThinPak® Package?
It is an alternative method of packaging semiconductor devices when compared to the traditional method of using wire-bonds.

ThinPak1The manufacturing process of the ThinPak® device involves soldering a ceramic “lid” which has patterned metal bonded on either side of it to the solderable metal pattern on top of the semi-conductor die.

By implementing a number of vias within the ceramic lid this design achieves a strong, staple interconnection between the top metal on the die and the top side of the lid.

The ThinPak® allows a number of benefits over wire-bonded packages; achieving very low parasitic inductance, achieving very high current interconnect, providing a small foot print compliant with circuit board real-estate requirements and low thermal resistance.

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