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Solid State Switches

Silicon Power produces compact solid state high voltage switches capable of operation at large peak currents with fast current risetimes. The switches can be used in place of spark gaps, thyratrons and krytrons.


Our modular design enables us to rapidly and economically configure switches tailored to your applications. We have built switches operating at voltages up to 80kV, currents up to 60 kA and dI/dt up to 200 kA/μs.

Model S25 Dual Thyristor Module    Download PDF

Model S29 High Current Module     Download PDF

Model S33A Compact High Voltage Switch    Download PDF

Model S33B Solid State Spark Gap Replacement Switch     Download PDF

Model S34M Solid State Switch for Lithotripters   Download PDF

Model S38 Thyristor Module    Download PDF

Model S39 High Current Switch    Download PDF

Model S41 Self Powered Auto Turn-Off Switch Module    Download PDF

Model S56 Solid State Thyratron Replacement   Download PDF

Model S61 High Frequency Solid State Thyratron Replacement    Download PDF

Model S70 Fast Turn On Solid State Switch    Download PDF

Trigger and Snubber Circuit Model EA0013     Download PDF

Trigger Circuit Model EA0038     Download PDF

Trigger Circuit Model EA0046     Download PDF

Need to customize one of our switches?

Silicon Power can package custom configurations with multiple thyristors in series and parallel combinations.

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