Innova SDS

Innova SDS

Maximize Reliability & Safety

Silicon Power’s Innova SDS (Sub-cycle Disconnect Switch) is a power distribution solution that maximizes the reliability and safety of your power network, empowering higher levels of protection and productivity. The Innova SDS is the fastest medium voltage, AC disconnect switch available; ideal for quick isolation for large energy storage systems and microgrids—providing critical power users with uninterrupted operations and improved overall performance.

The Innova SDS features a modular design with configurable controls to provide a tailored solution to your specific protection needs; and can automatically assist in shedding nonessential loads in a ½ cycle—faster than other technologies.

Innova STS

Uninterrupted Operations

Sub-cycle Transfer Switches

Innova FCL

More Resilient Power

Fast-Resettable Fault Current Limiters