International Sales / Export Policy


Responsible officials serving as the direct ultimate end-user and/or direct ultimate purchaser must complete and submit a BIS-711 Form; official titles of the person(s) signing the BIS-711 statement must be included.

Responsible official is defined as someone with personal knowledge of the information included in the statement, and has the power and authority to control the approved use and approved disposition of the licensed items.

The following certifications and statements must be included within the purchase order:

  • The items for which a license application was filed by us shall be used by us in the form in which received in a manufacturing process in and shall not be reexported.
  • We certify that all of the facts contained in this statement are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and we do not know of any additional facts that are inconsistent with the above statements.
  • We acknowledge that the making of any false statement or concealment of any material fact in connection with this statement may result in imprisonment or fine, or both, and denial, in whole or in part, of participation in U.S. exports or re exports.


Link to ECFR | Electronic Code of Federal Regulations