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Silicon Power Corporation’s Innova™ STS Sub-cycle Transfer Switches recognized for providing uninterrupted operations for critical facilities.

Silicon Power’s Innova STS sub-cycle transfer switches are a power quality solution that maximizes the resilience of your power network, empowering higher levels of productivity.

Innova STS is the most cost-effective solution with substantially lower upfront and lifecycle costs, smaller footprint and higher 99 percent efficiency, compared to 97 percent for energy storage systems. Without the additional costs associated with batteries, their maintenance, replacement and disposal of, which gets quite expensive as you go down the years, the Innova STS is the clearly the best economic and environmental solution.

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Awarded to Silicon Power Corporation by Utilities Tech Outlook | June 2020

Silicon Power Corporation

With corporate headquarters near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Silicon Power Corporation is a globally recognized technology developer and solutions provider for design, development, testing and manufacturing of high-power semiconductor devices, high-power pulsed-power modules and high-power utility-applicable systems.

Silicon Power Corporation is a small U.S. business totally dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of power components, modules, products and sub-systems. Our success has been based upon our technical competence and our corporate flexibility. We have had a track record of successful partnerships with university, industrial and governmental entities to deliver state of the art solutions for power applications.


Under the leadership of Dr. Mehta since 1994, Silicon Power Corporation, a former division of General Electric Inc., has developed and perfected the SolidTRON® SGTO® Solid-State device; a ‘Keystone Building Block’ to support continuous development of high-performance, Hi-REL solid-state components, modules and systems to meet commercial, industrial, defense and national power applications.

Silicon Power Corporation is the recipient of the 2007 R&D 100 Award for SGTO® devices, has authored and carries more than 100 patents, and has earned a pristine reputation for development of application-specific technological solutions demanded by industrial and defense sectors.


Silicon Power Corporation Systems Division designs, manufacturers and tests a comprehensive offering of high-power, solid-state, modular distribution switchgear fully compliant to all voltage classes; urban, suburban, industrial, and utility/grid scale applications.

Silicon Power Corporation SolidTRON® Division designs, develops, manufactures and test two distinct SolidTRON® devices; Voltage Controlled (VCS) and Current Controlled (CCS).

Silicon Power Corporation Large-Area Power Semi-Conductor Division designs, manufacturers and test application-specific power semi-conductor components, which includes Rectifier type Diodes, Thyristors; Phase Controllers, Line Commutation devices, Pulse-Power Application Devices, and Phase Modules.

Silicon Power Corporation

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280 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355-1308

610.407.3688 Fax

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