Thyristors & Diodes

Silicon Power Corporation’s Large-Area Power Semiconductor Group designs, manufacturers and tests application-specific power semiconductor devices and assemblies. Since 1994, Silicon Power has achieved global recognition as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Semiconductors for high/medium power electronics.Silicon Power’s catalog of power semiconductor components which includes: Rectifier type Diodes, Thyristors, Phase Control & Line Commutation devices and Pulse Power Application Devices.

Silicon Power can also provide Thyristor/Diode Assemblies and Pulse Power Assemblies for your application. Power electronic assemblies are assembled and tested in-house using our own semiconductors. Assemblies are available in a range of sizes from 53mm to 125mm, amperes, voltages and can be wired in parallel or series.


Power Semiconductor Components | Product Catalog

Large Area Power Semiconductors Application Notes: